Il Coronavirus in Medio Oriente

Una rassegna stampa e una selezione di risorse e documenti sulla situazione del Covid-19 in Medio Oriente

Una rassegna stampa e una selezione di risorse e documenti sulla situazione del Covid-19 in Medio Oriente

COVID-19, World Health Organization (WHO) - Eastern Mediterranean
Report sulla diffusione, informazioni su situazione, prevenzione e politiche sanitarie

The Covid-19 Pandemic and Deadly Conflict, International Crisis Group
Briefings sugli impatti della pandemia in situazioni di conflitto: Iran, Sriscia di Gaza, Isis

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), UNICEF Middle East and North Africa

Coronavirus, Middle East Eye

Covid-19 in the MENA Region: What Impact on Non-State Actors? Dossier, ISPI, 7 maggio 2020

Agricultural production and COVID-19 disease in Turkey: emergent contradictions and solidarities, CASAS, Collective of Agrarian Scholar-Activists from the South, 30 aprile 2020

Ravaged by war, Syria’s health care system is utterly unprepared for a pandemic, Middle East Institute, 23 aprile 2020

COVID in the Maghreb: Responses and Impacts, POMEPS, 21 aprile 2020

Saudi-UAE coalition declares 2-week unilateral ceasefire in Yemen, Al-Jazeera, 8 aprile 2020

UN repeats call for ceasefire as it works to save Middle East from COVID-19, United Nations Global communications, 7 aprile 2020

The MENA Region vs Covid-19: One Challenge, Common Strategies?, ISPI, 7 aprile 2020

Top News from Israel & Palestine: April 6, 2020Foundation for Middle East Peace, 6 aprile 2020

How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Your Middle Eastern Focus Area in the Coming Months?, Carnegie Middle East Center, 2 aprile 2020

World Bank Surges Support to Address Coronavirus Outbreak in the Middle East and North Africa, World Bank, 2 aprile 2020

Il jihadismo ai tempi del coronavirus, ISPI, 2 aprile 2020

COVID-19 Middle East Map, Nature Middle East, 2 aprile 2020

Area MENA e Virus, benzina sul fuoco, ISPI, 1 aprile 2020

Seeking a Path to Europe, Refugees and Migrants Ultimately Turned Back by Covid-19, CSIS, 1 aprile 2020

Coronavirus pandemic threatens to plunge millions in Arab region into poverty and food insecurity, UN News, 1 aprile 2020

Why Turkey is facing a steep curve of new coronavirus cases, Al-Jazeera, 1 aprile 2020

COVID-19: Lebanon municipalities 'discriminate' against refugees, Al-Jazeera, 1 aprile 2020

‘Immediate nationwide ceasefire’ needed for all-out effort to counter COVID-19 in Syria, UN News, 30 marzo 2020

Brookings experts on the implications of COVID-19 for the Middle East and North Africa, Brookings, 26 marzo 2020

Add Coronavirus to Other Crises, and the Middle East Faces a Catastrophe, CSIS, 23 marzo 2020

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