Intercultural Horizons 2017

Innovative Approaches to Education for Democratic Culture and Inclusive Societies. Rijeka, Croatia May 18-19 - Call for proposal (deadline February 1st, 2017)

Argomento: Intercultura

Inspired by the recent work of the Council of Europe Competencies for Democratic Culture (2016) and the nascent European community of practitioners and researchers of service-learning and community engagement (IARSLCE Europe), this edition of Intercultural Horizons will be dedicated to innovative approaches to education for democratic culture and inclusive societies. The objective is to bring together two streams of thought: on one hand the ideological framework of the Council of Europe and its call(s) to action and on the other hand the pedagogical strategies (and their implementation) of practitioners and researchers of service-learning, community engagement, and intercultural education that may already be operational in responding on a institutional level, both governmental and non. We believe that a strong response to the requested competencies for democratic culture, as highlighted by the CoE (2016, p. 35), may very well come from the fermenting service-learning and community engagement initiatives present in Europe. Our goal is to deliberately bring together these parallel fields to spark dialogue and foster mutual understanding between the main stakeholders in this initiative. That being said, the dialogue at this event should center around the following matters (both in scholarly research and/or practical application - we welcome both): education, active citizenship, language acquisition and plurilingualism initiatives, service-learning and community engagement, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, anti-terrorism measures, conflict-resolution and peaceful co-existence.

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