Contending Religions, Identities and Space. Living together in contemporary Africa and Europe

Università di Macerata, 12-13 novembre 2015


Thursday  November 12, 2015, Aula Abside, Piazza Strambi 1

8:30 Registration
9:00 Opening Remarks
9:45 – 11:00 Keynote speaker Stéphane Lacroix , SciencePo, Paris
Contending Religions, Identities and Space: view from the Middle East

Coffee break

Living Together: Religious diversities in the public space
11:20 – 12:40 Voices from Europe
  • Religion, values and community in Norwegian urban renewal

Erik Thornestein, Ingar Brattbakk & Aina Landsverk Hagen, Oslo and Akershus University College

  • Horizons of security: welfare and social security among the Somalis in Scandinavia

Marco Zoppi, Roskilde University

  • Living Together in the Full-Faced Veil's Shadow

Benedetta Barbisan, University of Macerata

Lunch break

14:30 – 16:00: Voices from Africa

  • The Re-Expansion of the Islamic Ordering Principle in a Comparative Constitutional Perspective

Ciro Sbailò, University Kore, Enna

  • From Networks to Platforms. How Islamic NGOs build the nation in Somalia

Valeria Saggiomo, University l'Orientale Napoli

  • Invisible but alive. State and religious identities in Independent Eritrea

Uoldelul Chelati Dirar, University of Macerata

16:00 – 17:20 Translating identities.

  • Al-dunia ajmal min al-janna by Khaled al-Berry , the autobiography of a former jihadist

Maria Elena Paniconi, University of Macerata

  • Rites of Translation, Translation of Rites

Ettore Morelli, SOAS

  • Persepolis in Tunisia: can God speak  darija?

Aldo Nicosia, University of Bari)

Coffee break

17:40 – 19:30 NapolIslam a Documentary by  Ernesto Pagano

20:30 Social Dinner at .the. Restaurant La volpe e l'uva (Euro 28, 00)


Friday  November 13, 2015, Aula A. Department of Philosophy (Via Garibaldi 20)

09:00 – 11:10 The Tension between religion and secularism

  • Islamophobia and EU’s Foreign Policy: Case-Studies Turkey and Iran 1991-2011

Aliaa A. Khalil, The British University in Egypt

  • Factionalism, Revisionism and Polemics: An Examination of the Emergence and Growth of Radical Qadiriyya Nasiriyya-Movement in Kano, 1989-2014

Abdullahi  Hamisu Shehu, Bayero University

  • A Religious Minority in Search for Space and Identity: A History of the Ahmadiyya Community in Kano, 1922-2014 ,

Kabiru Haruna Isa, Bayero University

  • Anti-Islamists in the wake of Islamic tradition: the ideoscape of the Tunisian Left

Daniela Melfa,  University of Catania

  • The Boko Haram franchise and the War on Terror in Nigeria

Alessio Iocchi,  Università l'Orientale Napoli

Coffee break

11:30 – 13:45 Round table:  Living together: Which Prospects?

  • Chair Benedetta Barbisan, University of Macerata
  • Lucia Sorbera, University of Sydney
  • Massimo Papa, University of Tor Vergata
  • Emmanuele Pavolini, University of Macerata
  • Anna Maria Medici, University of Urbino